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Who’s Who @ o2-USA

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Bay Area Chapter
Liaison: Sophia Wang
Co-Chair: Zeth Kinnett
Co-Chair: Mike Lin
Profession: Founder of Vestal Design Atelier, product and web design consulting.
Background: Stanford Mechanical Engineering. Socially responsible & Environmentlaly Sustainable Product Development. Green Architecture.
Goals: To transform the product landscape and educate consumers by bringing attractive, desirable and profitable sustainable solutions to market.

Chicago Chapter
Liaison/Chair: Peter Nicholson

Indiana Chapter
Liaison/Chair: Mathew Groshek

Michigan Chapter
Liaison/Chair: Greg Vendena

New York City Chapter
Liaison/Co-Chair: Kakee Scott
Profession: Non-profit outreach and administration
Background: Sociology/liberal arts degree, work in green building, green marketing, and sustainable food related orgs.
Goals: To broaden sustainability education for designers in the US.

Liaison: Dane Johnson

Pennsylvania Chapter
Liaison/Chair: Tony Guido
Profession: Industrial Design
Background: Co-Founder/Co-Principal [ grow-design ] Sustainable to Restorative© Design,
Design Educator/Associate Professor — The University of the Arts-Philadelphia
Sustainable to Restorative© Design + Post-Industrial Design Education
Goals: Sustainable to Restorative© Industrial Design Solutions that unite economic and environmental goals through the transformation of products, services, and systems.

Liaison: Kim Rodeffer Funk
Upper Midwest Chapter
Liaison/Chair: Wendy Jedlicka, CPP
Profession: Packaging Designer / Jedlicka Design Ltd
Background: Graphic + Industrial Design, Marketing + Strategic Positioning
Goals: To make “Green design is simply good design” the status quo.

Washington DC
Liaison: John C. Peterson, P.E., LEED AP
Profession: Architectural & Mechanical Engineer
Background: Sustainable & Green Building Design
Goals: To implement more incentives and add direction to use sustainable materials and create more efficient buildings & better developed sites.
Liaison: Jennifer Wright
o2-Global Network
Listserv: http://www.egroups.com/group/o2mailinglist
USA Liaisons: Wendy Jedlicka, CPP & Peter Nicholson

Wendy Jedlicka, CPP
o2-USA Cooperative, Co-coordinator
o2-USA/Upper Midwest, Chapter Chair
(001) 651.636.0964

Peter Nicholson
o2-USA Cooperative, Co-coordinator
o2-Chicago, Chapter Chair