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Resources for Sustainable Design

Eco-Design Directory
Find expert eco-design solutions provided by o2 members’ firms and consultancies in our Eco-Design Directory.

Reading List
Expand your awareness of sustainable design with recommended books, including works by o2 members.

Suggested Links
The Centre for Sustainable Design is a UK-based non-profit organization that specializes in promoting environmentally-sensitive product design. The site advertises their events (workshops, conferences), as well as features an online Journal of Sustainable Product Design.
Greener By Design has a great Eco-Design books section, information about materials for designers, and some interesting sustainable product case studies.
Design:Green serves the needs of designers and others involved in new product development, business, marketing, strategy, and sustainability.
o2-France put together this introduction to eco-design.
The Austrian Eco Design Informationpoint is a well-organized list of links, on topics such as life-cycle assessment, eco-labeling, and software tools for eco-designers.
Green Biz is an excellent, regularly updated source of eco-news and resources for corporations. Be sure to subscribe to their email newsletter, and check out their – business toolbox – for information about the implications of sustainability for business and industry.
Greenleaf Publishing features a number of books on their site addressing eco-design.
Compiled by the Green Map Project, this list of links, includes some great resources for solar energy.
J. Ottman’s Green Marketing site includes Eco-Design and Marketing resources, including lists of newsletters, books, and articles.
The International Center for Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability holds Eco-Design master classes (in Europe), and has some good lists of links on their site.
An international index of non-profit organizations.
Compiled by the Independent Designers Network, this is an extensive list for print and packaging designers including: material selection links, marketing and labeling laws, environmental impact, and wastestream links.
Minneapolis College of Art and Design / Distance Learning Program
A great opportunity to explore new levers for innovation and get an edge in an ever more competitive global economy. MCAD’s Sustainable Design Workshop Series (and Certificate Tracks) seeks to unite divers sectors of the design and planning communities to promote learning and understanding of a wide range of personal, professional, and business issues. Courses are offered in partnership with the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance and o2-USA/Upper Midwest.
The Natural Step is a non-profit that advises corporations on sustainable development. In addition to having some big clients, such as Nike, McDonalds, and Home Depot, they regularly hold workshops, and conferences.
Compiled by o2-Bay Area, this partially-annotated list of links covers a wide variety of topics, including environmental publications, corporate case studies, and materials and life-cycle, among others.
Compiled by o2-USA/Upper Midwest, their LINKS, READING, and CO-OP partner sections provide a wealth of eco-design and eco-business reference lists, links, books, articles, newsgroups, and e-newsletters. Plus their ACTION section has listings for classes, and degree programs.
Watershed Media produces action-oriented, visually dynamic, communication projects to influence the transition to a green society.