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Get Involved in o2-USA

Want to do more? Contact your local o2 chapter or liaison—visit their website, email a contact, or subscribe to their mailing list: (@ – – – =

o2-Global Network
USA Liaisons: Wendy Jedlicka, CPP & Peter Nicholson

o2-USA Chapter Cooperative
Email: usa@ – – –
USA Co-Coordinators: Wendy Jedlicka, CPP & Peter Nicholson

Bay Area Chapter
Email: bayarea@ – – –
Liaison: Sophia Wang
Co-Chairs: Zeth Kinnett, Mike Lin

Chicago Chapter
Email: chicago@ – – –
Liaison/Chair: Peter Nicholson

Indiana Chapter
Email: in@ – – –
Liaison/Chair: Mathew Groshek

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Michigan Chapter
Email: mi@ – – –
Liaison: Greg Vendena

New York City Chapter
Email: nyc@ – – –
Liaisons/Co-Chairs: Kakee Scott, Rebecca Silver

Email: or@ – – –
Liaison: Dane Johnson

Pennsylvania Chapter
Email: pa@ – – –
Liaison/Chair: Tony Guido

Email: texas@ – – –
Listserv: (list on hold)
Liaison: Kim Rodeffer Funk

Upper Midwest Chapter
Email: umw@ – – –
Telephone: (651) 636-0964
Liaison/Chair: Wendy Jedlicka, CPP

Washington DC
Email: dc@ – – –
Listserv: coming soon
Liaison: John C. Peterson, P.E., LEED AP

Liaison: Jennifer Wright
Email: wa@ – – –

If you reside in an area not covered above, why not consider starting a liaisonship? Drop us a note at usa@[this domain]. We’ll tell you how the USA chapters and liaisonships organize themselves and help you figure out what could work best for your area.